Blair’s Science Desk

21. Making functions in R

20. An R lesson for Excel users

19. Dealing with missing values in R

18. Accessing data elements in R

17. Adventures with PhotoPrism

16. Histograms in R

15. Reading data into R

14. What are packages and how do I use them in R?

13. R functions that I use all the time

12. Moving around your computer in R

11. The big three data types in R

10. Subviews of vectors in R

9. Playing with vectors in R

8. Using R as a graphing calculator

7. Using R as a calculator

6. Using the command line to see into nested directories

5. Getting pandoc to make a Word document with hi-res images

4. Batch renumbering your script files

3. Tips for working with big data in the terminal

2. Merging data in R

1. Welcome to my science desk